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項次 中文 英文
481 地方自治 local self-government
482 地方自治團體 local self-governing body
483 地方制度法 Local Government Act
484 地方貨幣 local currency
485 地方機關 local government agency
486 地方議會 local council
487 地方議會議長 Speaker of the local council
488 地政士法 Land Administration Agent Act
489 地政機關 land administration office
490 在途期間 time for journey to the court
491 多媒體簡報室 Multimedia Room
492 安置輔導 Diversion
493 安遷救濟金 relocation compensation
494 寺廟登記規則 Rules Governing the Registration of Temple
495 年功俸 Additional Senior-increases over Basic Pay Rate
496 年度總決算 annual audit
497 年資 seniority
498 扣除額 tax deduction
499 扣繳 tax withholding
500 扣繳義務人 person charged with withholding duty; tax withholder
501 收付實現原則 rule of income and disbursement realization
502 收發室 Mail Room
503 收費 Fees Collection
504 收費處 Fee-Collection Counter
505 收養 adoption
506 收養人 adopter
507 收養程序 adoption proceedings
508 有期徒刑 imprisonment
509 有給職 paid position
510 有價證券 negotiable instrument
511 有線廣播電視法 Cable Radio and Television Act
512 有償主義 non-gratuitous principle
513 死亡宣告案件 case concerning the proclamation of death of a missing proson
514 死刑 death penalty
515 老年給付 old-age benefits
516 考試 examination
517 考試及格人員分發辦法 Regulations Governing the Assignment of Persons Passing the Civil Test
518 考試法 Examination Act
519 考試法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the Examination Act
520 考試院 Examination Yuan
521 考試機關 examination organ
522 考績 Performance Rating
523 考績升等 Promotion by Performance Rating
524 自主組織權 autonomous right to internal organization
525 自用住宅 homestead; residence for own use
526 自用住宅用地 residential land for own use
527 自用住宅用地稅率 tax rate applicable to residential land for own use
528 自由民主憲政秩序 constitutional structure of free democracy
529 自由貿易港區設置管理條例 Act for the Establishment and Management of Free trade zones
530 自行迴避 voluntary recusal
531 自我負責機制 self-responsible mechanism
532 自來水法 Water Supply Act
533 自治 self-government
534 自首 voluntary surrender to the authorities
535 自耕能力證明書之申請及核發注意事項 Precautionary Matters on Submission of Application and Issuance of Self-tilling Certificate
536 自動電子報到區 Automated Self Check-in Area
537 自動電子報到機 Automated Self Check-in Kiosk
538 自動繳納 voluntary payment
539 自然死亡 natural death
540 自訴 private prosecution