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121 內政部消防署組織條例 The Organization Act of National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior
122 內亂、外患罪 offenses against internal and external security
123 內亂罪 sedition
124 內閣 cabinet
125 公文書 public document
126 公文程式條例 Act Governing the Forms of Official Documents
127 公司行為 conduct of the corporation
128 公司法 Company Act
129 公司研究與發展人才培訓及建立國際品牌形象支出適用投資抵減辦法 Regulations Governing the Reduction of Expenditures for Corporate Research and Development, Talent Training and Establishing International Brand as Investment
130 公司負責人 responsible person of the corporation
131 公司章程 articles of incorporation
132 公平交易法 Fair Trade Act
133 公用事業 public utilities; public utility
134 公用需要 public necessity
135 公立學校聘任之教師 public schools teachers
136 公共地役權 public easement
137 公共利益 public interests
138 公共秩序、善良風俗 public order and good morals
139 公共設施保留地 reserved land for public facilities
140 公共債務法 The Public Debt Act
141 公共關係室 Public Relations Office
142 公共關係室主任 Director
143 公印文書 document bearing official seal
144 公同共有人 joint owners
145 公同關係 joint relationship
146 公有地優先承購權 preemption right of public land
147 公有財產 public property
148 公告 official notice
149 公告土地現值 government assessed land value
150 公告地價 government published land value
151 公法 public law
152 公法人 public legal person
153 公法上之不當得利 unjust enrichment in public law
154 公法上效果 effect in public law
155 公假 Leave for Statutory Reasons
156 公務人力發展中心組織條例 Organization Act of the Civil Service Development Institute
157 公務人員; 公務員 civil servants; government employees; public functionaries; public servants
158 公務人員任用法 Public Functionaries Appointment Act
159 公務人員考試法 Civil Service Examinations Act
160 公務人員考績法 Public Functionaries Merit Evaluation Act
161 公務人員住宅及福利委員會組織條例 Organization Act of the Civil Service Housing and Welfare Committee
162 公務人員保障法 Civil Service Protection Act
163 公務人員保險 government employee insurance; insurance for government employees
164 公務人員保險法 Public Functionaries Insurance Act
165 公務人員保險法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the Public Functionaries Insurance Act
166 公務人員俸給法 Public Functionaries Remuneration Act
167 公務人員俸給法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of Public Functionaries Remuneration Act
168 公務人員退休法 Public Functionaries Retirement Act
169 公務人員退休法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of Public Functionaries Retirement Act
170 公務人員高等考試暨普通考試訓練辦法 Regulations Governing the Training of Public Functionaries Passing High Level or Ordinary Level Civil Test
171 公務人員撫卹法 Act Governing the Payment of Compensation to Surviving Dependents of Public Functionaries
172 公務員服務法 Public Functionary Service Act
173 公務員請假規則 Rules Governing the Public Functionaries’ Request for Leave
174 公務員懲戒委員會 Public Functionary Disciplinary Sanction Commission
175 公務員懲戒委員會組織法 Organic Act of Commission on the Disciplinary Sanction of Functionaries
176 公務員懲戒法 Public Functionaries Discipline Act
177 公務機密維護 Protection of Official Confidential Information
178 公教人員退休金其他現金給與補償金發給辦法 Regulations Regarding Supplementary Compensation for Government Employees and Teachers’ Pension and other Cash Benefits
179 公設辯護人 Public Defender
180 公設辯護人室 Public Defender Office