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421 休假 Annual Leave
422 仲裁人 Arbitrator
423 仲裁判斷 Arbitration Award
424 仲裁協議 Arbitration Agreement
425 仲裁法庭 Arbitral tribunal
426 任用 Appointment
427 企業併購法 Business Mergers And Acquisitions Act
428 光碟管理條例 Optical Disk Act
429 先予試用 Probation
430 全民健康保險 national health insurance
431 全民健康保險法 National Health Insurance Act
432 全民健康保險法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the National Health Insurance Act
433 全民健康保險特殊診療項目及藥材事前審查作業要點 Operational Guidelines Governing the Preapproval of Specific Diagnostic Items and Medications for National Health Insurance
434 全民健康保險高科技診療項目及審查程序作業要點 Operational Guidelines Governing the Preapproval of High Technological Diagnostic Items for National Health Insurance
435 全民健康保險醫事服務機構醫療服務審查辦法 Regulations Governing the Review of the Medical Services Rendered by the Medical Organizations for National Health Insurance
436 全民健康保險醫療辦法 Regulations Governing the National Health Insurance Medical Care
437 全年綜合所得 total annual consolidated income
438 全國性中央民意代表 representatives at large
439 全國軍公教人員待遇支給辦法 Regulations Governing the Payment of Remuneration to Military, Public and Teaching Personnel
440 共同訴訟 Joint Proceedings
441 共有 co-ownership
442 共有人 co-owner
443 共有物 common property
444 再提名 re-nomination
445 再訴願 administrative re-appeal
446 再審 action for retrial; appeal for retrial; retrial
447 再審之訴 action for retrial
448 再審程序 proceeding for retrial
449 刑事上之訴究 criminal prosecution
450 刑事紀錄科 Criminal Recording Section
451 刑事案件 criminal cases
452 刑事商談室 Criminal Negotiation Room
453 刑事第一法庭 Criminal Court Room 1
454 刑事責任 criminal liability
455 刑事訴訟法 The Code of Criminal Procedure
456 刑事廳 Criminal Department
457 刑法 Criminal Code of the Republic of China
458 刑罰 criminal punishment
459 刑罰權 power of criminal punishment
460 印花稅法 Stamp Tax Act
461 同居 cohabitation
462 同居義務 marital obligation to cohabitation
463 吊銷駕駛執照 suspend the driver's license
464 合目的性 purpose-specific
465 合作事業獎勵規則 Regulations Governing Inspections, Appraisals, and Incentive Measures on Cooperatives
466 合作社法 Cooperatives Act
467 合併申報 joint tax return
468 合法建物 legitimate building
469 合格實授 Qualification of Appointment Verified
470 合理補償 fair compensation
471 合理確信 reasonable assurance
472 合憲 constitutionality
473 回復原狀及損害賠償 rehabilitation and compensation
474 回復請求權 right to repossession
475 地下設施物 underground facilities
476 地上物 crops
477 地上權 superficies
478 地上權人 owner of superficies
479 地上權登記 recordation of superficies
480 地方公共團體 local public group