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61 大禮堂 Auditorium
62 女化妝室 Ladies Restroom
63 山坡地保育利用條例 Slopland Conservation and Utilization Act
64 工友 Maintenance Worker
65 工友(送公文) Messenger
66 工友(清潔工) Janitor
67 工作權 right of work
68 工具間 Tools Room
69 工程受益費徵收條例 Statute for Collection of Community Development Fees by Construction Project
70 工會法 Labor Union Act
71 工業區開發管理基金 industrial zone development and administration fund
72 工業區開發管理基金收支保管及運用辦法 Regulations Governing the Management of the Industrial Park Development Fund
73 工廠法 Factory Act
74 工廠設立登記規則 Regulations Governing Factory Set-up Registration
75 工廠登記證 factory registration certificate
76 已收資本 paid-in capital
77 已登記不動產 registered estate
78 不公平競爭行為 conducts of unfair competition
79 不可抗力 force majeure
80 不可能實行 infeasibility
81 不可廢止性 irrevocability
82 不作為 omission of act
83 不受理判決 dismissal judgment
84 不信任案 bill of no confidence
85 不起訴處分 non-prosecutorial disposition
86 不動產 real property
87 不動產估價師法 Real Estate Appraiser Act
88 不動產經紀業管理條例 Real Estate Broking Management Act
89 不動產權利變更登記 amendment registration of right to real estate
90 不得抗告/上訴 non-appealable
91 不堪同居之虐待 unbearable mistreatment incohabitation
92 不當行為 improper conduct
93 不確定法律概念 indefinite concepts of law
94 不變期間 peremptory period
95 中小企業發展條例 Act for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises
96 中央公教人員福利互助辦法 Regulations Governing the Fringe Benefits and Mutual Assistance for Civil and Teaching Personnel of Central Government
97 中央主管機關 central governing authority
98 中央民意代表 congressperson
99 中央民意機構 parliament; national legislative bodies
100 中央法規標準法 Central Regulation Standard Act
101 中央政府建設公債及借款條例 Central Government Development Bonds and Loans Act
102 中央政府興建台灣北部第二高速公路建設公債發行條例 Act Governing the Issuance of the Public Construction Bond by the Central Government for Building Second Taiwan North Highway
103 中央政府總預算 Central Government's budgets
104 中央健康保險局 Bureau of National Health Insurance
105 中央銀行法 The Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Act
106 中央機關 central government agency
107 中央警察大學組織條例 Organization Act of the Central Police University
108 中華民國四十八年短期公債發行條例 Act Governing the Issuance of 1959 Short -Term Public Bond
109 中華民國訓政時期約法 Provisional Constitution for the Period of Political Tutelage of the Republic of China
110 中華民國專屬經濟海域及大陸礁層法 Law on the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf of the Republic of China
111 中華民國領海及鄰接區法 Law on the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone of the Republic of China
112 中華民國憲法 The Constitution of the Republic of China
113 中華民國憲法增修條文 The Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of China
114 中華民國總統 ROC President
115 中醫師 Chinese herb doctor
116 中藥 Chinese medicine
117 五院制 Five-Yuan System
118 五權分立 Five Power Division
119 yuan (NT$, New Taiwan dollar)
120 內政部役政署組織條例 Organizational Statute for Conscription Affairs Administration, Ministry of the Interior