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321 台北市國稅局 Taipei National Tax Administration 憲法法庭書記廳
322 台北市獎勵投資興建零售市場須知 Notice on Encouragement of Investment to Build Retailers Market in Taipei City 憲法法庭書記廳
323 台北市辦理徵收土地農林作物及魚類補償遷移費查估標準 Appraisal Standards of Compensation for Crops, Forest and Fishery in Case of Taipei City Government’s Exercise of Eminent Domain 憲法法庭書記廳
324 台灣省工廠工人退休規則 Regulations Governing the Retirement of the Factory Workers of Taiwan Province 憲法法庭書記廳
325 台灣省放領公有耕地扶植自耕農實施要點 Implemental Guidelines for the Release of Government-Owned Tillable Land to Self-tilling Farmers in Taiwan Province 憲法法庭書記廳
326 台灣省非都市土地容許使用執行要點 Enforcement Guidelines for the Use Permission of Non-Urban Land of Taiwan Province 憲法法庭書記廳
327 台灣省省縣市立各級學校教職員遴用辦法 Regulations Governing the Selection of the Teachers and Staff for Provincial, County and Municipal Level Schools in Taiwan Province 憲法法庭書記廳
328 台灣省菸酒公賣局 Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau 憲法法庭書記廳
329 台灣省菸酒專賣暫行條例 Provisional Act Governing the Monopolistic Sale on Cigarettes and Wines in Taiwan Province 憲法法庭書記廳
330 外交部外交領事人員講習所組織條例 Organic Act of the Foreign Service Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 憲法法庭書記廳
331 外交部組織法 Organization Act of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Executive Yuan 憲法法庭書記廳
332 外交部領事事務局組織條例 Organic Act of the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 憲法法庭書記廳
333 外國護照簽證條例 Act Governing the Issuance of Visas in Foreign Passports 憲法法庭書記廳
334 外患罪 treason 憲法法庭書記廳
335 失蹤人 missing person 憲法法庭書記廳
336 municipality 憲法法庭書記廳
337 市區道路條例 Urban Road Act 憲法法庭書記廳
338 市場批發價格 market wholesale value 憲法法庭書記廳
339 市議會 City Assembly 憲法法庭書記廳
340 平均地權條例 The Equalization of Land Rights Act 憲法法庭書記廳
341 平均地權條例施行細則 Enforcement Rules of Equalization of Land Rights Act 憲法法庭書記廳
342 平均每法官每月辦結件數 Average Number of Cases Closed by Each Judge Per Month 統計處
343 平等保護原則 equal protection principle 憲法法庭書記廳
344 平等原則 principle of equality 憲法法庭書記廳
345 平等權 right of equality 憲法法庭書記廳
346 幼稚教育法 Preschool Education Act 憲法法庭書記廳
347 必要性原則 principle of necessity 憲法法庭書記廳
348 必要措施 necessary measures 憲法法庭書記廳
349 打字室 Typing Room 司法行政廳
350 本俸 Basic Pay 人事處
351 未上市公司 unlisted companies 憲法法庭書記廳
352 未上櫃公司 companies not yet traded in the over-the-counter market 憲法法庭書記廳
353 未分配盈餘 undistributed earnings 憲法法庭書記廳
354 未成年子女 minor child 憲法法庭書記廳
355 未登記不動產 unregistered estate 憲法法庭書記廳
356 未結件數 Pending Cases 統計處
357 未繼承登記不動產辦理強制執行聯繫要點 Outlines for Handling Compulsory Enforcement Regarding Properties Unregistered after Succession 民事廳
358 正當法律程序 due process of law 憲法法庭書記廳
359 正當程序 due process 憲法法庭書記廳
360 正確課稅憑証制度 correct tax voucher system 憲法法庭書記廳