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401 生產事業 productive enterprise 憲法法庭書記廳
402 生產事業研究發展費用適用投資抵減辦法 Regulations Governing the Reduction of Expenditure of the Productive Industry Outlays for Research and Development as Investment 憲法法庭書記廳
403 生產事業獎勵類目及標準 Category and Criteria of Productive Industry Eligible for Encouragement 憲法法庭書記廳
404 用益物權 usufruct 憲法法庭書記廳
405 申報納稅 tax declaration 憲法法庭書記廳
406 申請復查 petition for review 憲法法庭書記廳
407 申請期間 application period 憲法法庭書記廳
408 石油管理法 Petroleum Administration Act 憲法法庭書記廳
409 立即救護 immediate assistance 憲法法庭書記廳
410 立法 legislation 憲法法庭書記廳
411 立法目的 legislative purposes 憲法法庭書記廳
412 立法委員 Legislator; Member of the Legislative Yuan; members of the Legislature 憲法法庭書記廳
413 立法委員暨監察委員歲費公費支給暫行條例 Provisional Act Governing Legislators’ and Ombudsmen’s Annual Pay and Pay for Duty- Related Expenses 憲法法庭書記廳
414 立法院 Legislative Yuan 憲法法庭書記廳
415 立法院立法委員選舉罷免法 Legislator Election and Recall Act 憲法法庭書記廳
416 立法院職權行使法 Legislative Yuan Functioning Act 憲法法庭書記廳
417 立法授權 legislative delegation 憲法法庭書記廳
418 立法裁量 legislative discretion 憲法法庭書記廳
419 立法機關 legislative body 憲法法庭書記廳
420 立法權 legislative power 憲法法庭書記廳
421 交付觀察 Empirical execution (Release on observation ) 少年及家事廳
422 交易前後手 antecedent and subsequent parties to transaction 憲法法庭書記廳
423 交通工具排放空氣污染物罰鍰標準 Imposition of Fine Standards for Air Pollution Exhausted by Motor Vehicles 憲法法庭書記廳
424 交通紀錄科 Traffic Affairs Recording Section 司法行政廳
425 休假 Annual Leave 人事處
426 仲裁人 Arbitrator 民事廳
427 仲裁判斷 Arbitration Award 民事廳
428 仲裁協議 Arbitration Agreement 民事廳
429 仲裁法庭 Arbitral tribunal 民事廳
430 任用 Appointment 人事處
431 企業併購法 Business Mergers And Acquisitions Act 憲法法庭書記廳
432 光碟管理條例 Optical Disk Act 憲法法庭書記廳
433 先予試用 Probation 人事處
434 全民健康保險 national health insurance 憲法法庭書記廳
435 全民健康保險法 National Health Insurance Act 憲法法庭書記廳
436 全民健康保險法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the National Health Insurance Act 憲法法庭書記廳
437 全民健康保險特殊診療項目及藥材事前審查作業要點 Operational Guidelines Governing the Preapproval of Specific Diagnostic Items and Medications for National Health Insurance 憲法法庭書記廳
438 全民健康保險高科技診療項目及審查程序作業要點 Operational Guidelines Governing the Preapproval of High Technological Diagnostic Items for National Health Insurance 憲法法庭書記廳
439 全民健康保險醫事服務機構醫療服務審查辦法 Regulations Governing the Review of the Medical Services Rendered by the Medical Organizations for National Health Insurance 憲法法庭書記廳
440 全民健康保險醫療辦法 Regulations Governing the National Health Insurance Medical Care 憲法法庭書記廳