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Results in Brief

No. 標題
1 【New System of Urban Planning Review】Pioneering the regulatory review in the litigation; settling disputes in advance; providing professional, timely, and effective protection of rights
2 【Establishing a Specialized Commercial Court】In corresponding with significant reforms on the adjudication of commercial cases, and fulfilling the characteristics required in handling major commercial disputes: consistency, efficiency, appropriateness, and expertise
3 【New system for adjudicating commercial cases】Address business disputes expeditiously, appropriately and professionally, to optimize the business environment
4 【Amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure to Adhere to the Spirit of Two International Covenants】Strengthening the Protection of Procedural Right of Parties Concerned and Related Persons
5 【Protection of Victims and Participation in Proceedings】Enhancement of the Rights and Interest of Victims and Strengthening of Protective Measures in Criminal Cases
6 【Retrial System for Criminal Procedure】Enhancement of Remedial Procedure in Response to Erroneous Establishment of Facts by Criminal Sentences
7 【Increasing the Maximum Headcount of Judiciary Branch】The increase of 1,100 personnel in judiciary branch headcount to accommodate the potential workforce for the judicial reform, solve the shortage of staff, and improve the quality of adjudication
8 【New System of Judicial Evaluation】Establishing a mechanism regarding supervision and elimination of judges with external and diverse participation, complete procedural due process, fast-tracking the process of disciplinary actions, and prompt punishments
9 【New System of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Judiciary】The Disciplinary Chamber of the Judiciary now is under the Disciplinary Court and applies the “one court, two instances” system. The first instance disciplinary case of judges will be adjudicated jointly by the collegial panel consisting of professional judges and expert lay judges, where they listen to diversified perspectives
10 【New System to Prevent Absconding in Criminal Procedure】Milestones in Prevention of the Accused from Absconding during Investigation, Trial and Execution Stages
11 【The New Juvenile Justice System】 To implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, to strengthen the right of juvenile as a legal subject, and to enhance the integration of resources
12 【Revised Restrictions on Border and Island Exit during Criminal Procedure 】 Improvement of Restrictions on Border and Island Exit to Protect the Freedom of Residence and Movement
13 【New system for judicial announcements】The announcements for non-litigation proceedings are in electronic format to facilitate public access to information
14 【The Taiwan Constitutional Court in a New Era】
15 【New System of Grand Chamber】The Grand Chamber of final courts timely rules by exercising oral argument and embracing opinions from diverse groups, bringing stability and predictability to the interpretation of laws
16 【New labor incident system】The new system establishes a professional, expeditious, labor-friendly and easy to use, dispute resolution process to achieve substantive fairness in adjudication and effective relief of rights
17 【New system of pronouncing judgments in civil litigation】Rationalization for pronouncing the judgment date, and announcing judgments in electronic format
18 【New system for judicial announcements】Public auction announcements are in electronic format to facilitate public access to the information
19 【New System for Appeals under the Code of Criminal Procedure】Opportunity for Third Instance for Cases with Judgement of “Not Guilty” at First Instance and “Guilty” at Second Instance
20 【Video-Consultation Service on Litigation Procedure】 The video-consultation service not only enhances judicial efficiency but also promotes court service into the digital era