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項次 中文 英文
201 公證結婚禮堂 Notary Marriage Auditorium
202 公權力 public authority
203 公權力之行使 exercise of public authority
204 分析師 Systems Analyst
205 分案室 Case Assignment Office
206 反共抗俄戰士授田條例 Act Governing the Farmland Grants to Anti-Communist and Anti-Soviet Union Soldiers
207 反證 rebuttal evidence
208 夫妻共同生活 life of matrimonial cohabitation
209 夫妻財產制契約登記 Registration of Matrimonial Property Contracts
210 夫妻財產登記 Registration of Matrimonial Property Contracts
211 少年及家事紀錄科 Juvenile & Domestic Recording Section
212 少年及家事廳 Juvenile and Family Department
213 少年犯 juvenile delinquent
214 少年犯罪 juvenile delinquency
215 少年事件處理法 Juvenile Delinquency Act
216 少年法院 Juvenile Court
217 少年保護官 juvenile Probation Officer
218 少年候審室 Juvenile Trial Waiting Room
219 少年福利法 Juvenile Welfare Act
220 少年調查官 Juvenile Investigation Officer
221 少年矯正學校 Juvenile Reformatory School
222 少年觀護所 juvenile Detention House
223 引水法 Pilotage Law
224 引渡法 Law of Extradition
225 心理測驗 Psychological test(Psychological Assessment)
226 心理測驗員 Psychology Technologist
227 心理輔導 Psychological Counseling
228 心理輔導員 Psychology Counselor
229 心證 moral conviction
230 戶籍 household registry
231 戶籍法 Household Registration Act
232 支領退休俸軍官士官就任公職停發退休俸辦法 Regulations for the Suspension of Pension Payment on Military Officers and Sergeants Who Assume Public Service
233 文化資產保存法 Cultural Heritage Preservation Act
234 文化藝術獎助條例 Culture and Arts Reward Act
235 文字誹謗 libel
236 文官懲戒 civil service discipline
237 文書科 Documentation Section
238 月俸 monthly salary
239 月退休金 Monthly Retirement Payment
240 比例代表制 proportional representation