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361 民主國家 democratic country; democratic nation
362 民用航空 civil aviation
363 民用航空法 Civil Aviation Act
364 民用航空運輸業管理規則 Regulations of Civil Air Transport Enterprise
365 民事爭點整理室 Civil Issues Coordination Room
366 民事保全程序事件處理要點 Outlines for Handling Civil Injunctive Procedure
367 民事紀錄科 Civil Recording Section
368 民事執行處 Civil Execution Department
369 民事第一法庭 Civil Court Room 1
370 民事訴訟 civil litigation
371 民事訴訟法 Taiwan Code of Civil Procedure
372 民事訴訟法施行法 Enforcement Act of the Code of Civil Procedure
373 民事訴訟費用法 Act Governing Fees of Civil Actions
374 民事廳 Civil Department
375 民法 Civil Code
376 民法物權編 Civil Code Part III Rights in Rem
377 民法物權編施行法 Enforcement Act of the Part of Rights in Rem of the Civil Code
378 民法債編 Civil Code Part II Obligations
379 民法債編施行法 Enforcement Act of the Part of Obligations of the Civil Code
380 民法親屬編 Civil Code Part IV Family
381 民法親屬編施行法 Enforcement Law for Part IV, Family Law of the Civil Code
382 民法總則施行法 Enformence Act of the Part of General Principles of the Civil Code
383 民法總則編 Civil Code Part I General Principles
384 民法繼承編 Civil Code Part V Succession
385 民法繼承編施行法 Enforcement Law for Part V,Succession Law of the Civil Code
386 民股 civilian shareholder
387 民意代表 elected representative; Elected representatives
388 民營公司 privately owned enterprise
389 永久結合關係 relationship of lifetime association
390 犯罪之被害人 person injured by an act of offense
391 犯罪主體 subject of offense
392 犯罪組織 criminal syndicate
393 犯罪被害人保護法 Crime Victims Protection Act
394 生存權 right to life
395 生活共同體 community of living
396 生效日 effective date
397 生產事業 productive enterprise
398 生產事業研究發展費用適用投資抵減辦法 Regulations Governing the Reduction of Expenditure of the Productive Industry Outlays for Research and Development as Investment
399 生產事業獎勵類目及標準 Category and Criteria of Productive Industry Eligible for Encouragement
400 用益物權 usufruct