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161 公務人員住宅及福利委員會組織條例 Organization Act of the Civil Service Housing and Welfare Committee
162 公務人員保障法 Civil Service Protection Act
163 公務人員保險 government employee insurance; insurance for government employees
164 公務人員保險法 Public Functionaries Insurance Act
165 公務人員保險法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the Public Functionaries Insurance Act
166 公務人員俸給法 Public Functionaries Remuneration Act
167 公務人員俸給法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of Public Functionaries Remuneration Act
168 公務人員退休法 Public Functionaries Retirement Act
169 公務人員退休法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of Public Functionaries Retirement Act
170 公務人員高等考試暨普通考試訓練辦法 Regulations Governing the Training of Public Functionaries Passing High Level or Ordinary Level Civil Test
171 公務人員撫卹法 Act Governing the Payment of Compensation to Surviving Dependents of Public Functionaries
172 公務員服務法 Public Functionary Service Act
173 公務員請假規則 Rules Governing the Public Functionaries’ Request for Leave
174 公務員懲戒委員會 Public Functionary Disciplinary Sanction Commission
175 公務員懲戒委員會組織法 Organic Act of Commission on the Disciplinary Sanction of Functionaries
176 公務員懲戒法 Public Functionaries Discipline Act
177 公務機密維護 Protection of Official Confidential Information
178 公教人員退休金其他現金給與補償金發給辦法 Regulations Regarding Supplementary Compensation for Government Employees and Teachers’ Pension and other Cash Benefits
179 公設辯護人 Public Defender
180 公設辯護人室 Public Defender Office