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2081 警告函 warning letter
2082 警長室 Chief Court Police Office
2083 警察刑事紀錄證明核發條例 Act Governing Issuance of Police Criminal Record Certificates
2084 警察法 Police Act
2085 警衛值班室 Room of Security Guard on Duty
2086 闡明權 power of inquiry
2087 黨務 affairs of the party
2088 護照條例 Passport Act
2089 贓物 stolen or looted goods
2090 贓證物庫 Loot & Evidence Storage
2091 辯護人席 Defender
2092 顧問室 Advisor
2093 權力分立 separation of powers
2094 權力制衡原則 check and balance of powers
2095 權利移轉證書 title transfer documents
2096 權宜措施 expedient measures
2097 贖回不動產的權利 right to redeem
2098 鑑定人休息室 Expert Witness Lounge
2099 竊盜犯贓物犯保安處分條例 Rehabilitative Measures for Burglar and Fence Criminals Act
2100 變更 alteration
2101 變更判例會議 Conference of Alteration of Judicial Precedents
2102 變更登記 registration of change
2103 變造 Transform; alter
2104 體格合適性 physical fitness
2105 羈押 detention; to detain
2106 羈押法 Detention Act
2107 羈押室 Detention Room
2108 羈押候審室 Trial Waiting Room
2109 廳長 Director-General
2110 廳長室 Director-General
2111 觀察指認室 Observation and Identification Room
2112 觀護人 Probation Officer
2113 觀護人室 Probation Officer Office
2114 鑲牙生管理規則 Regulations Governing the Supervision of the Practitioners of Odontrypy