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項次 中文 英文
341 平等原則 principle of equality
342 平等權 right of equality
343 幼稚教育法 Preschool Education Act
344 必要性原則 principle of necessity
345 必要措施 necessary measures
346 打字室 Typing Room
347 本俸 Basic Pay
348 未上市公司 unlisted companies
349 未上櫃公司 companies not yet traded in the over-the-counter market
350 未分配盈餘 undistributed earnings
351 未成年子女 minor child
352 未登記不動產 unregistered estate
353 未結件數 Pending Cases
354 未繼承登記不動產辦理強制執行聯繫要點 Outlines for Handling Compulsory Enforcement Regarding Properties Unregistered after Succession
355 正當法律程序 due process of law
356 正當程序 due process
357 正確課稅憑証制度 correct tax voucher system
358 母之養女 one's mother's adopted daughter
359 母法 enabling statute
360 民主政治 democratic politics