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項次 中文 英文
2101 變更判例會議 Conference of Alteration of Judicial Precedents
2102 變更登記 registration of change
2103 變造 Transform; alter
2104 體格合適性 physical fitness
2105 羈押 detention; to detain
2106 羈押法 Detention Act
2107 羈押室 Detention Room
2108 羈押候審室 Trial Waiting Room
2109 廳長 Director-General
2110 廳長室 Director-General
2111 觀察指認室 Observation and Identification Room
2112 觀護人 Probation Officer
2113 觀護人室 Probation Officer Office
2114 鑲牙生管理規則 Regulations Governing the Supervision of the Practitioners of Odontrypy