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Justice Jau-Yuan HWANG


Year of Birth



S.J.D. 1995 Harvard Law School, U.S.A.
LL.M. 1991 Harvard Law School, U.S.A.
LL.M. 1989 National Taiwan University
LL.B. 1984 National Taiwan University

Professional History

Adjunct Professor of Law, National Taiwan University College of Law (Nov. 2016-present)
Professor of Law (Aug. 2004-Oct. 2016), Associate Professor (Aug. 1996-Jul. 2003), Lecturer (Aug. 1995-Jul. 1996), National Taiwan University College of Law
Visiting Professor of Law, Kyushu University, Japan (Jul.-Sep. 2016)
Vice Dean & Director of Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Legal Studies, National Taiwan University College of Law (Aug. 2012-Jul. 2015)
Member, Central Election Commission of Executive Yuan (Jun. 2001-Jul. 2007)
Associate Attorney, Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law (Sep. 1988-Jun. 1990)


2017. 04, Evolution of Equality Theories and the Difficulties of Applying the Conception of Substantive Equality in Constitutional Law, In: Chien-Liang Lee (ed.), Constitutional Interpretation: Theory and Practice, vol. 9, Taipei: Academia Sinica, pp. 271–312 (in Mandarin)
2016.09. Tzu-Yi Lin, Jiunn-rong Yeh, Jau-Yuan Hwang & Wen-Chen Chang (eds.). Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers, 3rd ed., Taipei: Sharing. (in Mandarin)
2016.05. Transitional Justice in the Post-War Taiwan. In: Gunter Schubert (ed.), Handbook of Modern Taiwan Politics and Society, New York, N.Y.: Routledge, pp.169-183.
2012.09. Conflicts between Disparate Impact and Disparate Treatment: Comments on the Decision of Ricci v. DeStefano (2009), Academia Sinica Law Journal 11: 1-63. (in Mandarin)
2004.05. Judicial Standards of Review for Restrictions on Constitutional Rights: Comparative Analysis of the U.S. Approach of Categorized Multiple Tests, NTU Law Journal, 33(3): 45-148. (in Mandarin)
1997.03. Rethinking the Theory of Substantive Limitations on Constitutional Amendments. In: Modern State and Constitutional Law: Essays in Honor of Professor Hong-Hsi Lee, Taipei: Angle, pp. 179-236. (in Mandarin)
(about 110 journal articles and book chapters, and 3 edited books published in Mandarin or English, on subjects of constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, judicial review, standards of review, equality, international law, international human rights law, etc.)

Inauguration Day


  • Release Date : 2021-01-22
  • Update : 2021-03-12