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Justice Horng-Shya HUANG


Year of Birth



LL.B., National Taiwan University

Professional History

Mediator, Civil Division, Taiwan Taipei District Court (2015)
Member, Consultative Panel for Legal and Professional Affairs, Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice (2013-2015)
Adjunct Clinical Professor, College of Law, National Taiwan University (2013-2014)
Committee Member, Sexual Harassment Appeal Review Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2011-2015)
Member, Panel for State Compensation Cases, Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice (2010-2015)
Mediator, Taiwan High Court (2007-2015)
Board Member, SinoPac Holding (2006-2008)
Director-General, International Federation of Women Lawyers Republic of China (2004-2006)
Supervisor, First Securities Investment Trust Co. Ltd. (2001-2005)
Supervisor, National Bar Association of the Republic of China (1993-1996)
Standing Supervisor, Taipei Bar Association (1990-1993)


A number of articles and conference papers, mainly published by Formosa Transnational Law Review & Publications.

Inauguration Day


  • Release Date : 2021-01-22
  • Update : 2021-01-22