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Justice Sheng-Lin JAN


Year of Birth



Dr. jur., Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany
LL.M., National Taiwan University
LL.B., National Taiwan University

Professional History

Attorney (1981-1992)
Associate Professor, National Taiwan University (1992-1998) Professor, National Taiwan University (1998-2016)
Dean, GIIS, College of Law, National Taiwan University (2004-2006) Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University (2009-)
Fu Ssu-Nien Memorial Chair Professor, National Taiwan University
Distinguished Professor and Dean, College of Law, National Taiwan
University (2015-2016)
Visiting Scholar, University of Michigan, USA (2007) Visiting Professor, Tsinghua University, China (2007)
Visiting Professor, Pontifical Lateran University, The Holly Sea (2011) Visiting Research Fellow, Merton College, Oxford University (2014) Exchange Professor, Heidelberg University, Germany (2015)
Visiting Professor, Osnabrück University, Germany (2016) Commissioner, Complaint Review Board for Government Procurement, Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan (1999-2011; 2013-2016) Director and Secretary General, Civil Law Research Foundation (2002-)
Commissioner, Consumer Protection Commission, Executive
Commissioner, Consumer Protection Committee, Executive Yuan
Committee Member, Prosecutors’ Evaluation Committee, Ministry of
Justice (2012-2016)
Convenor, Judicial Evaluation Committee, Judicial Yuan (2016) Committee Member, Ombudsman Committee, Financial Ombudsman Institution (2012-2016)


Essays on Civil Law Jurisprudence and Judgements, Vol. 1-Vol. 7

Inauguration Day


  • Release Date : 2021-01-22
  • Update : 2021-01-22