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Introductory notes

  1. The Statistics is designed to give the judicial conditions in Taiwan area, Republic of China.
  2. The data appearing in this issue refered to Taiwan area (include Kinmen County and Lienkiang County).
  3. The data appearing in this issue are obtained from statistical units of the Judicial Yuan and its subordinate organs.
  4. Figures given in this volume which do not agree with the corresponding figures in the previous volume are due to authorized corrections made in the meantime.
  5. Figures may not add up to the total because of rounding.
  6. The following symbols are used:
    • ...: not available
    • e: estimated figures
    • 0.00: less than the unit value
    • r: revised figures
    • -: none
  • Release Date : 2019-11-15
  • Update : 2020-02-24