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Seminar in celebration of the 77th Judicial Day

President of the Judicial Yuan, Hsu Tzong-Li, delivers an opening remark

In celebration of the 77th Judicial Day, the Judicial Yuan, Ministry of Justice, and Taiwan Bar Association jointly held a seminar at the conference hall of the National Central Library on January 11, discussing issues as follows: Challenge and Breakthrough for Presiding Judges—the In-court Instruction and Support for Citizen Judges on Citizen Judges Cases in Trial; Court’s Indication to Citizen Judges under the new Citizen Judges System—from the perspective of litigants participation and supervision of prosecutors; and the Essential Thinking toward the Selection Proceeding. President Hsu Tzong-Li attended the seminar and delivered an opening remark.

  • Release Date : 2022-05-10
  • Update : 2022-05-19