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Forum on Judicial Affairs Concerning Lawyers

Group Photo of President Hsu, President of Taiwan Bar Association Edgar Chen, Vice President Tsai, Secretary-General Lin, and Deputy Secretary-General Yeh

In an attempt to promote communication with lawyers, the Judicial Yuan invited Edgar Chen, President of Taiwan Bar Association, directors, supervisors, and secretary-general of the association to join the “Forum on Judicial Affairs Concerning Lawyers” held on April 27,  2021. The Vice President Tsai Jeong-Duen, Deputy Secretary-General Yeh Li-Hsia, and chiefs of related departments all attended the forum hosted by Secretary-General Lin Hui-Huang. President Hsu Tzong-Li also attended and addressed remarks. Throughout the forum, department chiefs of the Judicial Yuan briefed policies to seek supports from lawyers and replied to lawyers’ inquiries.

  • Release Date : 2021-04-27
  • Update : 2021-07-14