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Joint Service Center (Also known as the "One-stop Center")

The first-line of assistance in a court to protect your rights.

The Judicial Yuan has established "One-stop Centers" in every court since 1999, in order to provide more convenient and efficient services for the general public and carry out the purpose of achieving the concept of "Judicature for the People." Moreover, the aim of the establishment of the Centers is to accomplish the goal to ensure people receive fair trials, and to carry out the judicial policy to provide the service for people with convenience and courtesy.

Nowadays, the high courts, their lower courts, three of high administrative courts, and the intellectual property court have all already established "One-stop Centers", which provide services for people from the judicial administrative affairs to litigation counseling. Additionally, the One-stop Centers require the court personnel to serve with sincere attitudes to provide counseling, by means of simplified processes and computerization.

The services of litigation counseling provided by the One-stop Centers are free of charge. Besides, the One-stop Centers in every court have recruited many enthusiastic volunteers. When the general public enters into the court, the volunteers will assist and guide them to the appropriate personnel to contact, of which the service is called "one application for all services." Besides, for the convenience of the general public, the One-stop Centers do not recess during lunch time. In addition, the One-stop Centers lower the counter height for the purposes of making eye contact, with respect and increasing the willingness of the general public to protect their rights through court proceedings.

  • Release Date : 2019-11-06
  • Update : 2019-11-06