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Introduction to the System of “Citizen Participation in Criminal Trial”

▍1.Overview of the system of “Citizen Participation in Trial”

The “Citizen Participation in Trial” is a process in which the general citizens with no professional knowledge or experience in judicial trial are allowed to participate in trial, hearing, interrogation and, the last part, the formation of final judgment. The participation of citizens in trial can make judicial trial more transparent, and the citizens from different social classes can provide their precious life experience, sense of justice and different personal value directly. The trust of citizens in justice can be enhanced by the participation and interaction of citizens.

▍2.The “Citizen Participation in Criminal Trial” launched by the Judicial Yuan

According to the “Draft of the Act of Citizen Participation in Criminal Trial” submitted with the letter issued by the Judicial Yuan and the Executive Yuan jointly on April 25, 2018 for the review of the Legislative Yuan, the participation of citizens in the criminal trials is planned to be introduced with respect to major cases involving felony offenses or life-threatening situations. Three professional judges, six “lay judges” randomly selected, and one to four “alternate lay judge(s)” will constitute a criminal trial court with participation of citizens, jointly participating in the process of determining culpability and sentencing.

  • Release Date : 2020-04-08
  • Update : 2020-04-09