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Directory of the Judicial Branches President Vice President Justices of Constitutional Court Taiwan High Court Taichung Branch Court Taiwan High Court Tainan Branch Court Taiwan High Court Kaohsiung Branch Court Taiwan High Court Hualien Branch Court Supreme Court Taiwan High Court Fuchien High Court Kinmen Branch Court The Supreme Administrative Court Taipei High Administrative Court Taichung High Administrative Court Kaohsiung High Administrative Court Intellectual Property Court Commission on the Disciplinary Sanctions of Functionaries Judicial Personnel Study Center of the Judicial Yuan Taiwan Penghu District Court Taiwan Keelung District Court Taiwan Ciaotou District Court Taiwan Taipei District Court Taiwan Banciao District Court Taiwan Shilin District Court Taiwan Taoyuan District Court Taiwan kaohsiung Juvenile and Family Court Taiwan Yilan District Court Taiwan Hualien District Court Taiwan Taitung District Court Taiwan Pingtung District Court Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court Taiwan Tainan District Court Taiwan Changhua District Court Taiwan Nantou District Court Taiwan Miaoli District Court Taiwan Hsinchu District Court Taiwan Taichung District Court Taiwan Chiayi District Court Taiwan Yunlin District Court Fuchien Kinmen District Court Fuchien Lianjiang District Court

  1. The Chart represents the operational system of the judicial administrative affairs. The Judicial Yuan directly supervises the judicial administrative affairs of the following 12 institutes: Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court, Judges Academy, Commission on the Disciplinary Sanctions of Functionaries, Taiwan High Court, Taipei High Administrative Court, Taichung High Administrative Court, Kaohsiung High Administrative High Court, Intellectual Property Court, Fuchien High Court Kinmen Branch Court, Fuchien Kinmen District Court, and Fuchien Lienchiang District Court. The objective of judicial administrative supervision is to establish a sound judicial system, promote its performance, improve the working condition, and enhance the quality of trials, which does not interfer with the judicial independence. By separation of powers and complementing each other, we can promote the judicial function and set a solid foundation for the rule of law.

   2. Directory of the Judicial Branches as follows:

     0-1. President
     0-2. Vice President
     0-3. Justices of Constitutional Court
     2-1. Supreme Court
     2-2. The Supreme Administrative Court
         2-2-1. Taipei High Administrative Court
         2-2-2. Taichung High Administrative Court
         2-2-3. Kaohsiung High Administrative Court
     2-3. Intellectual Property Court
     2-4. Public Functionary Disciplinary Sanction Commission
     2-5. Judges Academy

     2-6. Taiwan High Court
     2-6(1). Taiwan High Court Taichung Branch Court
     2-6(2). Taiwan High Court Tainan Branch Court
     2-6(3). Taiwan High Court Kaohsiung Branch Court
     2-6(4). Taiwan High Court Hualien Branch Court

         2-6-1. Taiwan Taipei District Court
         2-6-2. Taiwan Shilin District Court
         2-6-3. Taiwan New Taipei District Court
         2-6-4. Taiwan Taoyuan District Court
         2-6-5. Taiwan Hsinchu District Court
         2-6-6. Taiwan Miaoli District Court
         2-6-7. Taiwan Taichung District Court
         2-6-8. Taiwan Nantou District Court
         2-6-9. Taiwan Changhua District Court
         2-6-10. Taiwan Yunlin District Court
         2-6-11. Taiwan Chiayi District Court
         2-6-12. Taiwan Tainan District Court
         2-6-13. Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court
         2-6-14. Taiwan kaohsiung Juvenile And Family Court
         2-6-15. Taiwan Pingtung District Court
         2-6-16. Taiwan Taitung District Court
         2-6-17. Taiwan Hualien District Court
         2-6-18. Taiwan Yilan District Court
         2-6-19. Taiwan Keelung District Court
         2-6-20. Taiwan Penghu District Court
         2-6-21. Taiwan Ciaotou District Court

     2-7. Fuchien High Court Kinmen Branch Court
         2-7-1. Fuchien Kinmen District Court
         2-7-2. Fuchien Lianjiang District Court

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