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German Bundestag Delegation Visits Taiwan's Judicial Yuan

President Hsu Tzong-Li received the delegation from the German Bundestag.

On August 28, 2023, a delegation consisting of Thomas Heilmann, a member of the German Bundestag; Ammar Alkassar, Chief Information Officer of the Saarland State; Stefan Samse, Director of the Rule of Law Programme Asia at the German KAS Foundation; Susan Chan, Executive Director; and Olivia Schlouch, Program Manager, visited the Judicial Yuan. They were welcomed by President Hsu Tzong-Li, with Vice President Tsai Jeong-Duen, Justice Huang Horng-Shya, Justice Huang Jui-Ming, Justice Jan Sheng-Lin, Justice Shien Ming-Yan, Secretary-General Wu San-Long, Deputy Secretary-General Huang Lin-Lun, Director-General of the Clerk Department of the Constitutional Court Hsu Chen-Chou, and Director-General of the Department of Information and Technology Lai Wu-Chih also in attendance. Vice President Tsai Jeong-Duen then presided over the meeting. Congressman Heilmann began by explaining recent developments in Germany regarding the digital divide and judicial access. He mentioned that although Germany had not initially embraced the concept of remote courts, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a shift in perspectives towards digitalizing court operations. Congressman Heilmann also shared that the German parliament plans to implement digital solutions in the second half of the year. Furthermore, he highlighted the challenges associated with implementing digital policies in Germany due to its decentralized judicial system.

  • Release Date : 2023-10-23
  • Update : 2023-10-23