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▍Mr. San-Long Wu

      Secretary-General, Judicial Yuan (Inauguration Day: 1 June 2023)


  •  LL.M., National Chengchi University
  •  LL.B., National Chung Hsing University

Professional History

  • Judge, Disciplinary Court(2020/07/13-2023/05/31)
  • Judge, Supreme Court(2000/11/29-2005/10/30, 2011/10/31-2017/07/13)
  • Judge and President, Taiwan High Court Hualien Branch Court(2018/08/27-2020/7/12)
  • Judge and President, Fuchien High Court Kinmen Branch Court(2017/07/14-2018/08/26)
  • Judge and President, Taiwan Tainan District Court (2008/09/01-2011/10/30)
  • Judge and President, Taiwan Chiayi District Court (2005/10/31-2008/08/31)
  • Judge, Taiwan High Court Taichung Branch Court (1995/09/29-2000/11/28)
  • Judge and Division Chief, Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court, Taiwan Taichung District Court  (1992/10/08-1995/09/28)
  • Judge, Taiwan Changhua District Court, Taiwan Taichung District Court(1983/07/01-1992/10/07)
  • Judge, Disciplinary Chamber of the Judiciary, Judicial Yuan(2013/06-2015/10)


  • Qualified, Special Examination for Judges and Prosecutors(1978)
  • Completed, 20th Term, Training Institute of Judges and Prosecutors, Ministry of Justice
  • Release Date : 2023-06-01
  • Update : 2023-06-02